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We are a pioneering and an upcoming company making softwares directed towards the Net (Internet). The motto at GPH InfoNet is to make software, which is superior through the very inception.

The people at GPH InfoNet have been associated with software development for the last couple of years and have vast experience in different streams of software development.

Our working force has expertise in a number of areas.

Handling Banking Softwares. Our people have been associated with the development and maintenance of software of one of the very reputed organisations such as RBI (Reserve Bank of India) Society, New Delhi, India on FoxBASE on UNIX platform. This includes the daily transactions handled by the bank. The development of new modules for the transactions taking place in the bank. This also includes the timely maintenance of the software for the proper functioning of the bank.

Providing Y2K solutions. Our esteemed workforce has also been the key source for providing Y2K solution to the banking industry. The people at GPH InfoNet have been the main source for providing Y2K solution to RBI, Society, New Delhi, India. This process involved the thorough conceptualization, analyzation, regress testing, compliance and finally successful deployment of the Y2K compliant software in the bank. The whole process involves the development of utilization of search utility. The search utility involves searching the specified signatures of non-Y2K compliant code and generation of reports in a specified format. The reports generated by the search utility can be used for a number of purposes, which inturn are very helpful in arriving at the final Y2K compliance of the software.

Customisation of Office Automation Software of SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Industry), New Delhi, India. Conversion of Office Automation Software from the FoxBASE on Novell Platform to Visual Basic and Access on Novell platform. This includes generation of very complex reports, journals etc using Crystal Reports that too at just the press of a button. We have provided the whole setup and the multi-user environment in the software. The software has multi-faced utilities. The software generates Mailing-Labels at the click of a mouse. A lot of very complex database conversion routines have been used for converting a very tedious earlier database structures to the present form, which inturn offers very flexible and dynamic Data flow.

Multimedia-Database integrated CD-ROM Development. The people at GPH InfoNet have played an active part in the development, testing and final formalisation of the project of CD-ROM Development at SIAM for AutoExpo 2000 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India. The CD-ROM project includes a number of very striking features. The CD-ROM offers dynamic graph generation facilities which inturn help tremendously in upper level Management decision making. Some of the other features that the CD-ROM offers are on the spot generation of reports of different nature from CD-ROM itself, just at the click of a mouse. The CD-ROM offers resolution compatibility from 640 X 480 pixel to 1024 X 768 pixels. The technology used in CD-ROM is totally intended toward Internet. The whole of the CD-ROM can be put on to the Net in a very short span of time.

Customisation of Office Automation Softwares. The workforce at GPH InfoNet has been associated with the conception, development, customisation and finally computerization of procedures of Office Working patterns at Sidhant Compsoft, New Delhi, India. This involves the total customisation of the attendance of the employees in the company. The software has been developed on the lines of paper-less office. The software also provides the automated procedures for the different activities taking place in the company. These procedures involve the automation of leave request and granting procedures applicable in the company. The platform used is Visual Basic and MS Access.

Our people have also been associated in the development of some of the modules of an ERP Package. This includes the analyzation, conceptualization, and development of inventory modules of the package.

Some of the projects that are in pipeline and are going to be launched in the near future are:

An Inventory Production, Planning & Management software which deals in different facets of a production organisation.

Hughes Systems Software automation, Gurgaon, Haryana.

Hughes Seats 2000 - This includes a complete computerisation of the seats allocation system of Hughes Systems Software. It includes a varied data handling modules and report generation modules. The software will be a stand-alone application having multi-user support. The application will have integration with the intranet of Hughes.

Hughes Securities 2000 – This software offers a complete solution for the securities department of Hughes Systems Software.

Chit-Fund Software

This is standardized software of the chit-fund industry. This gives a complete automation of the different procedures and functions applicable in the Chit-Fund Company.


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